Who is Hailey Eisen?

A Writer. An Editor. A Communicator. A Connector. A Creative Force. A Lover of all-things Pink.

Hailey Eisen  is a passionate storyteller, talented writer, clear and concise communicator, meticulous editor, skilled interviewer, and creative idea generator who runs a thriving freelance business in Toronto, Canada. She is capable of infusing creativity and poignancy into messaging to a variety of audiences and seeks to positively impact her clients by providing top-tier service in a reliable and timely fashion.

Hailey is an out-of-the-box thinker with more than a decade of writing + editing experience.

Hailey’s work has appeared in trade and consumer magazines, web-magazines, and newspapers. Her range of topics includes: innovation and green technology, health and wellness,  celebrity buzz, education and summer camp trends,  home decor  and renovation, travel and corporate event planning, parenting, personal empowerment, and more.

Hailey has experience working with a large variety of clientele including startups and innovators, seasoned entrepreneurs, SMEs, communications and marketing firms, authors and speakers. 


hailey eisen writer + editor in Toronto, Ontario

Hailey Eisen is a lively, engaging writer who always delivers her pieces on time and in great shape!

 - Neil Morton, editor-in-chief
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